Welcome to the Port St. Lucie Police Department

Filing A Police Report Online


 The incident must have occurred within the city limits of Port St. Lucie, Florida!

Welcome to the Port St Lucie Police Online Reporting System. If this is an Emergency please call 911. Using this system allows you to submit a report immediately.

If you have been officially notified by the IRS that your identity was fraudulently used to obtain a tax refund and you live within the City of PSL, you may file an online report for documentation purposes only. Please provide the case number to the IRS for their investigation. 

You must be a resident of the City of Port St. Lucie to file a report of credit card fraud online. You must be the cardholder and not a merchant. The following criteria must be met:

1. You were notified by the credit card company or you notified the company after discovering the fraud on your monthly statement.
2. The transaction did not occur at a business physically located in Port St. Lucie. If it did, please call 911.
3. You have no information or evidence on any suspects or their whereabouts. If you do, please call 911.

File a Police Report - If you answer "YES" to any of the questions below you must call 911.


If you answer "YES" to any of the questions below,  

 you MUST CALL 911 to have an Officer respond.

Not sure? Always call 9-1-1 if:

► A crime is in progress, or

► Someone is hurt, threatened, or

► A weapon (gun, knife, etc.) was used or threatened, or

► You can provide information about who may have committed the crime.

► Was someone injured as a result of this crime or incident?

► Do you know or have information about the person, even if vague, who might have committed the crime, (description, name, license #, etc.)?

► Did the crime involve the use or threat of a weapon (gun, knife or other)?

► Do you have any physical evidence?

► Did the crime occur when someone entered your locked or unlocked home, vehicle, screened in porch, garage or business without your permission?

► Did the crime involve the theft of a motor vehicle (automobile, motorcycle, etc.)?

► Incident involves lost or stolen property worth MORE THAN $1000.

► REMINDER: You cannot file an identity theft using this system.


File a Police Report - You may file your report online ONLY if you answer YES to any of the questions below.


You may file your report online ONLY if you answer YES to any of the questions below AND THE INCIDENT OCCURRED IN THE CITY OF PORT ST. LUCIE.

Please confirm the following before filing an online report:

This is not an Emergency if:

► You have a crime tip to provide.

► The incident involves lost or stolen property UNDER $1000 in value.

► The incident involves vandalism UNDER $1000 in value.

► You do not require an officer.

 ► You do not have suspect information.


Please Note: 

► All cases filed online will be reviewed.

► Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.

► Providing false information is a crime and you may be prosecuted for doing so.

► REMINDER: You cannot file an identity theft using this system.


Using the Port St Lucie Police Online Reporting System you can report the following incidents (please choose one): 


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For Credit Card Fraud click here


For Crime Tips click here


For Lost Property click here 


For Stolen Property click here


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