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 Filing a Traffic Complaint Form

 The violation must have occurred within the city limits of
Port St. Lucie, Florida!
Welcome to the Port St Lucie Police Traffic Complaint Online Form. This form is for traffic complaints only and not to be used to request immediate assistance from Police, Fire or Rescue. 
► You were involved in a traffic accident and require Police, Fire or Rescue;
► You witnessed a traffic accident;
► Someone is hurt; OR
► You know or have information about the accident or who might have committed the crime, (description, name, license #, etc.), even if vague.
You may file your complaint using the online form ONLY if you answer NO to any of the questions above AND THE TRAFFIC COMPLAINT OCCURRED IN THE CITY OF PORT ST. LUCIE.
Please Note:
You can report any traffic related issues such as speeding, reckless driving, or general traffic violations utilizing this form.
► This form is not to be used to request directions, report a traffic accident, or report traffic signal related problems. 
To report a traffic signal malfunction, please call the City of Port St. Lucie Engineering Department at (772) 871-5177 during business hours and 911 after hours.
► All traffic complaints submitted online will be reviewed.
► If we determine that further investigation of your complaint is needed, you may be contacted. If you would like to be contacted, please include your phone number in the area provided.
► Providing false information is a crime and you may be prosecuted for doing so.
Still not sure? Call 9-1-1.
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